Simple accommodation
WYD packages will include simple accommodation options. If choosing the housing option through WYD Registration Office, pilgrims should be prepared to be provided with ‘no frills accommodation’ in schools, gyms, churches, or family households. You may also expect to travel up to 1.5 h each way by public transport to get you to/from your accommodations to the main event sites. If you are interested in hotel or hostel accommodation for your group, you should contact Mazurkas Travel for more details. All pilgrims should bring a sleeping bag and a mat for the overnight vigil.

Paid accommodation
Krakow and its surroundings has a wide variety of accommodation in hotels, hostels and apartments. However, since we expect a big number of pilgrims coming to join the World Youth Days you have to be aware of the limited availability and difficulties to find the suitable accommodation in the last moment. Therefore, we highly recommend to precise your requirements as soon as possible and sent it to us so we can offer you the most convenient options.